One of the good things about commscamp is to have an idea and then follow it… so wouldn’t it be good to have Jackie Weaver along became reality.

You may recall that Jackie became an internet sensation for her no messing handling of a Parish Council meeting.

She’s also turned campaigner taking up a series of issues to improve standards in local government.

We were delighted when she came to Commscamp Still At Home. Afterwards she completed an online Q&A too.

What did you think of Commscamp?

Sceptical at first but it was energising to be among so many people who were enthusiastic and keen to engage and learn

What was the best piece of learning you got from the Commscamp session?

 Seems obvious but – not everyone has the same experience.

Did anything surprise you during your time there?

Same answer – not everyone has the same experience.

What advice would you give to communicators trying to influence senior managers and getting their views across?

Again – not new – KISS. Keep It Short and Simple. Really important to make sure that the message you are trying to get out is just that – simple.

How can you use your personality to persuade others for causes you are passionate about?

 I feel you need to remember why this is important to you.  If you can’t do that you are not likely to persuade other and if you can your passion will show through and people will react to that energy.

Any suggestions on how to remain calm under pressure when everyone is losing it?

Keep focussed on what you are trying to achieve – everything else is temporary and noise.

Do you think local democracy gets a bad name when the public witnesses the behaviour of councillors such as the ones you had to deal with?

I hope people get angry and ask ‘why have I allowed that **** to make decisions on my behalf?’ and then stand for election themselves.

Is there anything else you would want to share with us about anything as a lot of people have said they could listen to you for ages?

I don’t think I am saying anything new BUT I do think I am paring it down so that it is accessible.  We often make things sound too complicated or difficult for us ordinary folk

Finally, will you come back to a future event/session for those not able to hear you this time round?

Would be delighted.

Jackie’s book ‘You Do Have the Authority Here!: #What Would Jackie Weaver Do?’ is available at book sellers.

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