CommsCampNorth: Two releases sell out in six minutes

Commscampnorth is back in Bradford and the demand for tickets is through the roof.

Two ticket releases have taken place with 120 tickets snapped-up for the event at the magnificent Kala Sangam arts centre in the city centre on Thursday October 13 2022.

A FINAL ticket release will take place on Wednesday June 22 at 9pm. The link you’ll need is here. Once these tickets are gone a WAITLIST will kick in.

Our tickets are free and always will be. Just don’t try and sell them on ebay. We’ll know, okay?

We are the largest and longest established comms unconference anywhere.

Volunteer-run and not-for-profit the event will once again be an unconference which means the agenda is decided by attendees themselves on the day. We’ve run the event along these principles for almost 10-years. If you’re tired of the same old speaker – spoken to format and want to try something new you are very welcome.

New attenders and veterans are equally welcome.

How the day works

There will be a large room and up to six break-out areas. We’ll all start together in the main room where attendees will be invited to pitch a session topic they’ll like to kick off.

What makes a session topic? This could be a problem they’d like to collaborate on, something they did well or an issue coming down the line.

Once we have a nice big list of session ideas we’ll share them into timeslots across the day in the six break-out areas. Each session lasts 45-minutes. Overall, there will be more than 30 slots.

The day is run on open space principles. There will be no powerpoint, no Teams, no Zoom and we ask that voices from around the room are encouraged. We also leave job titles at the door. So, a junior marketing apprentice has the same right to put a hand up and speak as a veteran director of comms.

Oh, and we also have but one law. The law of mobility. If people have learned enough from a session they are encouraged to get up and see what’s in another session. Or just grab a cup of coffee.

We are not attendees, we are all participants. It’s where the magic is.

Yes, there will be cake

There will, of course, also be a cake table where attendees are encouraged to bake with a chance to win the coveted CommsCampNorth spoon in an event which, lets face it, invented Channel 4’s Bake Off.

We can’t wait to see you for cake, hugs and the very best in comms practice and support.

What to do to get a ticket

Come back to this webpage here and you’ll find the all-important release details.

Free tickets are available to in-house public sector comms people and we hold the door open for housing and third sector people too.

There are a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available for the private sector. Contact for a sponsor pack.

The first ticket release was 1.6.22 at 12.30pm and SOLD OUT in less than TWO MINUTES.

The second ticket release is 14.6.22 at 4pm and SOLD OUT in less than FOUR MINUTES.

A limited third release is 22.6.22 at 9pm when the WAITLIST kicks in.

And in other awesome news

We’ll be returning to Birmingham,  Commscamp’s spiritual home, for a 10th anniversary special event in July 2023. Watch this space.

Gold sponsors

Gold sponsors: dxw

Gold sponsors: texthelp

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