Our online event will run from 21.9.21 to 23.9.21.

We are pleased to announce that the unconference for public sector communicators is back.

COMMSCAMP STILL AT HOME will run across three days to allow a home for people from local government, NHS, fire, police and central government.

As ever, we’ll hold the door open for third sector, higher education and housing people.

September 21 will be the pre-event social.

September 22 will be DAY ONE which runs from 9.30am to 1pm.

September 23 will be DAY TWO which runs from 9.30am to 1pm.

Save the dates.

Ticket releases

The first ticket release will be 9pm on 17.6.21.

The second ticket release will be 11am on 25.6.21.

The DAY ONE eventbrite to claim a ticket is here.

The DAY TWO eventbrite to claim a ticket is here.

Both eventbrite pages are password protected until the appointed time.

Tickets are for in-house public sector comms people. For sponsorship opportunities drop a note to

Organising team: Bridget Aherne, Kate Bentham, David Grindlay, Sweyn Hunter, Arlene McKay, Emma Rodgers, Dan Slee, Kate Vogelsang, Josephine Graham, Leanne Hughes and Lucy Salvage.

Unconferences for public sector comms people