commscamp online event 2020

GOOD NEWS! commscamp WILL BE BACK as a summer online event and YOU can shape it


We have some good news for you just when you need some… there WILL be a commscamp this year.

Over the past few weeks a crack team has been testing platforms and we think we’ve got a proposition.

Here’s what we know:

  • It will online.
  • It will still be a safe space to discover, learn and shape ideas.
  • It will still be a place to meet new people.
  • It will still involve cake.
  • It will  still be a welcome respite from [waves generally] all them but also a respite from [all that, too].


  • It won’t be crap.

What is commscamp?

It’s an unconference for public sector communicators. This means the agenda gets chosen on the day by the attendees themselves.

Where can you help?

We’ve been shaping some ideas and approaches and we’ve got a platform but we’d like to hear what you think.

We’d like you to spend two minutes on this surveymonkey link telling us what you’d like to see. That will help refine our thinking when we make the full announcement.

Where can you keep up to speed?

You can keep up to speed with announcements through this site but also through our email list that you can sign-up to here.

We can’t wait.

We hope you can’t, too.

Organising team: Bridget Aherne, Kate Bentham, David Grindlay, Sweyn Hunter, Arlene McKay, Emma Rodgers, Dan Slee and Kate Vogelsang.









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