14-take homes to share and live by from commscamp still at home

The great strength of Commscamp is the explosuion of ideas. That haoppens when people come together. Here’s a snapshot of people’s takehomes from Commscamp Still At Home.

The event was an unconference run online after 18-months of pandemic.

Be selfish and carve out time for professional development and *always* during work time; it benefits you and the organisation.”

Sharon Dunbar

“Finding out that spotify advertising was a thing available to public sector people.”

– Lucy Salvage

The importance of sharing knowledge and frustrations. It was great to both listen and take something away as it was to share own experience.”

– Michelle Anne Rose

“The podcasting session was fantastic – just simply sharing tech ideas and mistakes to avoid in a practical sense.

– Ruth Dale

“Being introduced to ‘one minute briefs’ DEFINITELY an item on my team meeting agendas from here on.”

– Kate Noviss

That you should know your value. Day one takeaway – ‘if it hurts, stop doing it’ … there are not many people who could afford to walk away from a job without something else to go to, but that that doesn’t mean staying in a role where your expertise isn’t recognised, where you’re demeaned or overridden. Have the confidence to know your worth and take it somewhere it’ll be appreciated.”

– Eve Hart

 “Knowing there are always people facing the same stuff and ALWAYS people willing to share, support, help and encourage.”

– Sara Martinez

“David Banks’ media law session is ALWAYS useful. And his insight makes me sound like I’m on top of my game when advising my organisation.

– Marianne Marhsall

“That people when they come together have better ideas. Let them speak. Not a presentation.”

– Dan Slee

“David Banks warning me against accidentally sourcing pictures I think are free but are not.

– Tim Taylor

Helped me to dust off my video and editing skills as taught by the most excellent Film Cafe Steve.

– Kelly Quigley Hicks

“Jackie Weaver and how, sadly, many have issues with badly behaving members and her petition to ensure there are sanctions.

– Michelle Atkinson

“Sharing of ideas. Were all working on similar things and it was brilliant to hear what has worked and what other people have tried out too. It’s also reassuring to know that we all face the same challenges.”

– Mhari Burley

“Apart from a huge professional confidence boost by being involved in the organising team, getting a kick out of encouraging others out of their comfort zone. And the Kiwis. I ❤️the Kiwi energy.

– Leanne Hughes

Pic credit: Rosie Ryves-Webb

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