announcing the commscamp cookbook for you to bake award-winning cakes

by Kate Bentham

Cake has always featured heavily at any commscamp up and down the land. Lovely people bake and bring cake for others to eat throughout the day, until you reach the point you feel sick and think you’re never going to eat another piece of cake ever again, but you will. How could you not?

Commscamp is a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that cake is off the agenda, even if there were an agenda. Cake will still feature and #commscampstayshome

There’s still a cake baking contest, so if there are any star bakers out there, prepare the tins.

It’s also OK to still eat cake throughout the day, these are the Commscamp rules, I haven’t just made these up.

And as a special little thank you for being such lovely supporters, we’re offering you a copy of the first edition of the official Commscamp cookbook, packed with recipes from some of our previous star baker winners and regular bakers. We wouldn’t have been able to pull this together without their help, so a big thank you to:-

  • Phil Morcom
  • Kate Bob Vogelsang
  • Kelly Quigley-Hicks (Star Baker winner Commscamp Birmingham)
  • Albert Freeman
  • Carolyne Mitchell (Star Baker winner Commscamp Bradford)
  • Jude Tipper (Star Baker winner Commscamp Sheffield)
  • Josephine Graham (Star Baker winner Commscamp Manchester)

The cookbook can be found in the files section of the Commscamp Facebook group for you to download for free, but you can also donate to the Commscamp charity this year, The Christie. You can find out more about why we’ve chosen this charity here.

We hope you enjoy making the cakes in this book, don’t forget to tweet a photo of your creation, and tag in the baker who kindly shared their recipe.



You can donate to our charity appeal and read more about it RIGHT HERE.

Day 1 of #commscampstayshome is August 20 and Day 2 August 25.

Big thanks to our super main sponsors Touch DesignGranicus  and Brand Stencil.

Thanks to our co-sponsors texthelpDan SleeCAN Digital and Birdsong Consultancy.

Thanks to our supporters: Public Sector Digital Transformation ForumCIPR Local Public Services, UK Govcamp and David Banks Media Law.

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