curry & quiz: what the social the night before will look like

by Kate Vogelsang

Ahead of each of the two days of commscampstayshome there will be a social the night before.

Of course, we’d love it if we could go along to a real curry house and sit down to a real curry on a table of old friends and new. In previous years we have enjoyed the delights of Manzils in Birmingham (with a bit of England losing to Croatia thrown in), Jinnah in Bradford, eastZeast in Salford, and 7SpicesBalti in Sheffield.

Is your mouth watering yet?

The curry night is a mainstay of CommsCamp and anyone who has a ticket is welcome. It’s a chance to catch up, chat to other comms pros, chew the fat, have a rant and enjoy a few beers/lemonades.

This year, we’re doing the whole thing virtually so it’ll also be a chance to road test the tech ahead of the big day so you’ll understand how it’ll work. 

Here’s the plan

Commscamp socials traditionally take place the evening before the big event in a local restaurant highly recommended. This year, curry will be coming home. While you all will have used Zoom over the past few months, we’re also using some extra tech called QiQo to replicate as much of the CommsCamp experience as we can. It’ll definitely be worth you joining us for a bit of the night, even if 7.30pm is way past your teatime and you can only join us for a drink, so you can have a play around in the commscamp virtual rooms. 

We’ll send ticket holders a link the day before that you can use for the curry. 

Here’s how to join in

Choose your local curry house. Needless to say, this is a BYO event. 

Place your order for delivery around 7.30pm on either Weds 19th August or Monday 24th August, or both, depending which day(s) you’re coming to CommsCamp. Make sure you order enough for breakfast the next day. 

Sit down at 7pm with the tipple of your choice and join the social online by following the Zoom/QiQo link. 

Find your way into the drinks room to say hi to the organisers and your fellow campers. 

When your curry arrives, make your way to the curry room. Take a picture of your dinner for social media and share what you have online – we want to see Naan sizes, curry colours and poppadom volumes. The bigger and brighter the better. 

8.30pm will be the commscamp quiz. You’ll need pen and paper. If you want to play along, you’ll need to be in the quiz room for 8.30pm.

As ever, if you can’t come to the event and you have a ticket do cancel it so we can re-distribute it to the waitlist. If you’d like see some of the pitch ideas for what we could discuss head to the commscamp Facebook page.

Big thanks to our super main sponsors Touch DesignGranicusCouncil Advertising Network and Brand Stencil.

Thanks to our co-sponsors texthelpDan Slee and Birdsong Consultancy.

Thanks to our supporters: Public Sector Digital Transformation ForumandDavid Banks Media Law.

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