commscampnorth: Where to stay and how to get there

The Wool Exchange, Bradford.
The Wool Exchange, Bradford.

Your ticket has been secured and now you’re planning your trip to commscampnorth.

Firstly, well done.

You’ve got one of the hottest tickets of the year.

Secondly, crikey. A plan!

As you know, there’s a cake table at the event and we encourage attendees to either bake or bring along a shop-bought cake. You can buy back a slice of cake to keep your belly happy during the day, and all the proceeds go to our charity MacMillan Cancer. There is even a competition for Star Baker, so if you want to get all Bake Off on us then you can really go to town.

There’s a few other things, too.

On the day: The venue

We’ll be in Kala Sangam, St Peter’s House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford and if you’re navigating by satnav or Google maps the postcode you’ll need is BD1 4TY.

The building is the former town Post Office and stands by Bradford Cathedral near the Broadway shopping centre. Today, it is home to a thriving multicultural arts centre.

On the day: Timings

The venue will be open to the public at 9am on 23.10.19. We encourage you to get there as soon as you can so you can grab a cup of coffee and meet people ahead of the start of pitching at 10am. This is when we’ll chose which sessions we’ll run.

We’ll be done and dusted by 5.30pm.

On the day: Transport and rail and the walking train

There are two railway stations. We have Bradford Forster Square railway station at five minutes walk (postcode: BD1 4JB) and Bradford Interchange (postcode: BD1 1RX) which is eight minutes walk away.

From both, there will be a walking train which leaves at 9.10am. Look out for further instructions and the two volunteers holding the laminated commscampnorth logo airport-style.

For the Bradford Interchange walking train, head through the ticket barrier and down the stairs straight in front of you to the lower concourse. We’ll be waiting at the bottom of the steps.

For the Forster Square walking train, head past the ticket office and bear to the right, walking past the lift. We’ll be hanging around the city centre exit, just before the slope up in front of the Midland Hotel.

If you will be making your own way from one of the stations, here are a couple of videos of the routes.

On the day: Parking

If you’re driving, the best car park is The Broadway shopping centre from the the entrance off Hall Ings on the A6181. That’s £5 for the day. if you get there before 9.30am. You can also join the walking train at the Interchange if you are worried about getting lost.

The night before: Accomodation in Bradford

Bradford has no shortage of hotels in each reach of the city centre.

The organising team are heading to the two-star Ibis Budget hotel in Prince Court, 15-minutes walk away from the venue. More upmarket is the four-star Jury’s Inn in Thornton Road. The two-star New Beehive Inn in Westgate is 16-minutes away. The three-star Great Victoria Hotel in Bridge Street is 15-minutes away. The three star Holiday Inn in Vicar Lane is 10-minutes walk away.

For the best accommodation deals do head to trivago.

The night before: The pre-event social

We’ll be in the city centre for a trip to a pub and a curry.

From 5pm, we’ll be at Sunbridge Wells (postcode: BD1 1SD) which has entrances off Aldermanbury, Sunbridge Road, Millergate and Ivegate.

From 7pm, we’ll be at Jinnah Bradford for the finest curry in Yorkshire. The address is Leeds Road, BD1 5BL.

To book a place at the curry head to the eventbrite to reserve a place head here.

A place at the curry doesn’t mean a place at the event and yes, you’ll have to stump up for your curry and drinks, obvs.

There are several ways into Sunbridge Wells. Here’s a video of the way in most of you will probably want to use:

Pic credit: jonfarman / wikimedia commons



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