Sold out: We’ve switched the waitlist on, here’s how it works


We’ve been taken aback by the interest for commscampnorth in Bradford.

More than 150 tickets have been issued across three releases with each release being snapped up in around two minutes for the event on October 23.

If you’ve missed out…

Don’t worry.

We’ve switched on the waitlist which means you can add your name and details and if you’re in luck we’ll give you a window of 24-hours to claim a ticket.

You can join the waitlist right here. Hit the green register button and then hit the waitlist button and add your details.

If you can’t come…

Do let us know as soon as possible. Drop a line by email to, via Twitter to @commscamp or you can cancel via the ticket yourself via eventbrite.

It’s really, really, really important that you do let us know you can’t come because we can free-up your space for someone else.

Pic credit: Nigel Bishop


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