We’re really pleased to welcome back Touch Design as GOLDS sponsors for CommsCamp North. Do say hello to them if you are coming.

The eyes have it – creativity and inspiration at CommsCamp North
Touch will be setting the gold standard in October as a headline sponsor of the ever-wonderful CommsCamp North, this year being held in the West Yorkshire city of Bradford.

Tickets are of course once again a sell-out with hopeful attendees now needing to subscribe to a wait list for the chance to come along to one of the highlights of the year for public sector communicators and marketeers.

If you are fortunate enough to have got hold of a ticket, we can’t wait to see you at Bradford’s city centre arts venue in due course. We’ve been sponsoring the event for a number of years and delegates that we have met at the ‘unconference’ have often later become not only clients but good friends. Following the desolate online Covid years, it feels more joyous than ever to be able to see people again face-to-face and chat long into the evening.

In meeting team Touch this year, you may feel we’ve all gone a bit ‘googly-eyed’, and that won’t be the drink talking. Instead, to demonstrate the bottomless creativity inside each and every one of us, our display stand will have boxes of ridiculous googly eyes for you to customise the mundane objects around us and to transform them into faces of pure irreverent, genius. For an example of what we’re looking for, please meet Rexel, the excitable-looking office shredder.

Ahead of the event, you can fine-tune your creative instincts by looking for faces in everyday objects (‘facial pareidolia’, if you’d like to know). Sources of creativity and inspiration are all around us, and often, the spark happens when least expected. Keep an open mind, let ideas flow, and don’t try too hard. Everyone is creative in their own ways though, what works for some, does not suit others. There is no uniform way to be creative. You can practise at being creative though, and you can get better at being creative, and you can also give us a call, if you’d like, if you hit a brick door. We’re good at re-opening closed doors and walking down new hallways.

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