by Kate Bentham

It’s been a few years since we have been able to gather round the CommsCamp cake table discussing if a Victoria sponge is better than a lemon drizzle, or if in fact cheesecake can be classed as a cake*, but I am beyond excited that we can do that this year in Bradford.

The cake table is the heart of any CommsCamp.

I’ve been lucky enough to be the Official Cake Table Monitor since the first CommsCamp in Birmingham in 2013 and for those who don’t know the situation with the cake table let me fill you in on a few pointers.

How the cake part works

  • The cake table only works because lovely people bake cakes and bring them along for others to eat. If you can, please bake a cake. It doesn’t have to be a showstopper. A batch of fairy cakes, a traybake or anything else that travels well will be much appreciated.
  • If you do bake you will be entered into the CommsCamp Star Baker competition. It’s a fiercely fought contest with prizes for the winner and 3 runners up.
  • If you’re not a cake baker, don’t worry, there’s no shame in bringing along a shop bought cake. Cake is cake at the end of the day, and we appreciate all cake.
  • We also need cake eaters, and not only because it’s amazing how conversations and networking improve with a bit of cake, but because we’re after your money. In return for a slice of yummy cake we ask those that can to donate to charity. Since CommsCamp started in 2013 our lovely attendees have raised £1000s for local charities. Proof, if proof were needed, that comms people are kind, generous and massive fans of cake.
  • This year all money raised from the cake table will go directly to Bradford Central Foodbank.  You can also help them out by bringing food or household goods as a donation. You can read more about why we are supporting this charity and what they need here.  So, think how much you’d pay for a slice of cake in one of those fancy coffee shops, and give it to this amazing cause instead.
  • Anyone who does donate, will be entered into a prize draw for some wonderful tat, sorry I mean preloved items, purchased from the nation’s finest charity shops. You might not know it yet, but you will have a sudden desire for a Harry and Megan teapot or a photo of the Leeds/Bradford airport runway.
  • At CommsCampNorth it’s OK to eat cake for all your main meals and any snacks in between. You’ll like it. It’s like when you get to eat chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning. Perfectly normal.
  • As an experienced cake eater, my cake table survival tips are ease any cake guilt by visiting the gym the day before, wear baggy or elasticated clothes to allow for tummy growth, and bring the big coins to donate to Bradford Central Foodbank.
  • And remember, scientists have proven that all cake calories consumed during a CommsCamp don’t count. Bonus.

So, happy baking, happy eating, happy charity donating, happy CommsCampNorth. See you with your baked goods and foodbank donations at the cake table on Thursday 13th October 2022

Kate Bentham – or Cake Bentham – is official cake monitor at CommscampNorth and family information service manager at Shropshire County Council.

CommscampNorth is an unconference for public sector comms people and takes place in Bradford on October 13.

*Dan Slee says no.

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