WEBINAR: Creating Accessible and inclusive digital content

At this year’s commscampstayshome we welcomed texthelp as sponsors for the first time. They’re a company who supply good software to organisations who want to improve people’s lives. They also want to help you get to grips with imminent accessibility legislation.

by Lisa Smyth, texthelp

September 23, 2020 is the next deadline for digital accessibility regulations in the UK. So it’s more important than ever that you ensure you’re going above and beyond with digital inclusion.

On 17th September Daniel McLaughlan, Accessibility and Usability Consultant, Abilitynet will be joining Sarah Richards, Founder of Content Design London and the creator of GOV.UK website content strategy, and Donna Thomson, Marketing Manager at Texthelp for a webinar with easy, practical advice on accessibility and digital inclusion.

Shaping truly inclusive experiences

Inaccessible graphics, videos, and social media content clearly hinder accessible user experiences. Now more than ever, it’s essential we open up every piece of digital content, so that everyone has the chance to consume it and is given the same welcoming experience as you have intended. Included:

  • Overview of web accessibility legislation and forthcoming deadlines
  • Creating accessible graphics, videos and social media content
  • Creating content which contributes to the inclusivity and accessibility of a website.
  • Live panel Q&A
  • Register to attend live or receive the post-webinar recording and slides.

If you are working to improve your digital communications, boost your brand reputation, and build more inclusive marketing and digital experiences please register to attend live, or to receive the recording and slides.

Register now for ‘how to create accessible & inclusive digital content’.

The hashtag is #a11y

texthelp are sponsors of #commscampstayshome.

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