One question we’re often asked is about the agenda ahead of the day at commscamp events…

‘But there is no agenda ahead of the day,’ we reply with a big smile on our faces.

So, how exactly is that going to work? We’re asked in a tone of voice that ranges from curiosity to blind panic.


The event is run under Open Space principles. They’re a tried and tested set of principles.

It boils down to the attendees themselves choose the agenda on the day. Why? Because the people in the room are the right people to decide what they want to talk about. Besides, this way means we can be a lot more responsive in a very volatile landscape.

Sound helpful?

Session ideas come from pitches… what’s a pitch?

Any attendee can pitch – or suggest – a session. It’s basically a 30 second summary of what the session could look like.

After 10 years of events like these, I’m tempted to say the best pitches are often:

  • How can we do X better?
  • This is how I did X and can we improve on it? 
  • Oh, and niche is really good.

If you pitch an idea, you don’t have to talk for 45-minutes. In fact you can just pose a question.

How you can test a pitch

You may want to see what other people think of your pitch before the big day. 

You can do that by heading to the commscamp group here where you’ll already see some being put forward.

How we fill the day

Each session lasts 45-minutes. There’ll be the chance of between 20 and 30 sessions per date. Each one can be filled by an idea from an attendee. We’ll populate the sessions at the start of the day.  

Any questions, just shout.

Dan Slee

(On behalf of the organising team.)

PS – Let us know if plans have changed and you can’t come. That way we can re-release the ticket to someone on the wait list.

Big thanks to our super main sponsors Touch Design, Granicus, Council Advertising Network and Brand Stencil.

Thanks to our co-sponsors texthelp, Dan Slee and Birdsong Consultancy.

Thanks to our supporters: Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum and David Banks Media Law.

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