commscampnorth faces: 2nd timer Leanne Hughes

louiseAs part of the build-up to commscampnorth we’re running a series of Q&As with people who will be there.

In this post, Louise Hughes.

Hello, Louise, is this your first unconference?

No, I went to the last one in Sheffield.

If its not your first unconference what tips do you have to someone new?

If like me at my first event, you are a bit unsure if you should be there, you definitely should. The format is so refreshing, the people are very friendly and it’s true that the level of seniority does not matter one bit. You will learn loads. Don’t be shy, it’s a great bunch of genuine folk. I’m not part of a wider communication team so I really need events like this to help my professional development.

What made you volunteer and what will you be doing as a volunteer?

I wanted to get a ticket! Well, that and I did it last time and it helped me to get involved. I’m generally just a bit like that too…

What session would you like to see pitched at the event?

I like the one around how to keep skills up to date to be relevant, I’d like one about how to make the next step in your career.

What topics are you looking to go to?

I offered one on imposter syndrome and finding your voice  so I’ll be at that one if it runs.

What’s your favourite cake?

Anything which features almond. 

Can you describe public sector comms in three words?

Make a difference.

Have you been to Bradford before? 

Nope, but I did go to uni in Sheffield.

What single thing would you do to make the public sector a better place?

Break down the archaic internal bureaucracy especially in relation to style of communication used from senior managers.

For NHS particularly, allow the IT to really support creative jobs – my job can be literally impossible at times using the internal IT.

What’s your favourite cake?

Almond, raspberry sponge.

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