commscamp faces: first time attendee Nick Moore

180427-CCN-160In the latest in a series of Q&As with people who will be at commscampnorth a first time attendee.

Hello, Nick Moore, what do you do?

I’m a ‘Digital Development Officer’ and what my actual role entails is managing a social media team within customer services. I spend all day working with social media and all things digital while making sure my team deliver a first class customer services experience over Facebook and Twitter.

Is this your first time at commscampnorth?

It is indeed, hopefully first of many.

What session are you thinking of pitching about?

What’s new? There are so many tools/websites/apps out there, and many which haven’t stood the test of time. Recently I was told that something called ‘Nextdoor’ has 33,000 subscribers in Leeds. Should we be using this? What does everyone use to communicate with their communities? What don’t they use? What would they use if they had more time?

What session would you quite like if someone pitched?

Anything similar to my idea really, or something about video.

What’s the best thing about working in the public sector?

The people. We’re a lovely bunch.

What’s the worst thing?

Having to find a workaround for…everything? Forced to use substandard equipment because there’s no budget. I end up buying so much of my own stuff because it’s easier/quicker to do that than write a business case for why I need a £10 tripod for my mobile phone.

What’s your favourite cake?

Lemon drizzle

What’s your favourite digital platform?

Dare I say it? Facebook.

What’s the one thing you’d do to make the public sector better?

Work better as a team. Stop internal departments trying to charge each other for work or help.

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