commscampnorth faces: Q&A with Volunteer and first time attendee Chris Dudley

0As part of our Q&A this is one of our volunteers Chris Dudley who is attending for the first time.

Hello, Chris. Is this your first unconference?

Yes it is and I can’t wait.

What made you volunteer and what will you be doing as a volunteer?

Seen as it’s in sunny Bradford this year, and as a proud Yorkshireman I just thought it was the right thing to do. I’ll be helping set up the room on the day and helping however I can.

What session would you like to see pitched at the event?

I’ll be pitching about how we can rationalise Social Media accounts across large organisations, but other than that understanding how e-marketing is being used throughout the sector would be cool to explore.

Can you describe public sector comms in three words?

Stories that matter.

Have you been to Bradford before? 

Yes, we’re only down the road. It’s the best place for curry in the land. FACT.

What single thing would you do to make the public sector a better place?

Make organisations collaborate more – we’re all on the same team.

What’s your favourite cake?

Coffee Cake.

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