A love letter on how the cake table will work at #commscampnorth


by Kate Bentham

Dear #commscampnorth attendee,

It’s heading towards #commscampnorth, which coincidentally is the same day that it’s OK to eat cake for all your main meals and any snacks in between. You’ll love it. It’s like when you get to eat chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning.

Some might say that #commscampnorth is all about the comms, but those people would be wrong.

It’s more than that. It’s about the pitches, the ideas, the sessions, the photos and videos, the friends you’ll make, the people off Twitter you’ll finally get to meet, the networking, the sponsors, the pre-event curry and most importantly the CAKE! that really makes it #CommsCakeNorth more than anything.

Where cake comes from

The term “cake” has a long history. The word itself is of Viking origin, from the Old Norse word “kaka”. Impressive enough, but that cannot rival the cake table at CommsCamp, within a long history, dating back to 2013 when the first CommsCamp was held in Birmingham.

For those who haven’t been to a CommsCamp before, let me fill you in on the main points you will need to know about the cake table.

What you need to know about the cake table

  • The cake table only works because of the lovely people who bake cakes and bring them along for others to share. If you can, please bake a cake. It doesn’t have to be a show stopper, a simple traybake or a dozen fairy cakes will be appreciated. It’s amazing how conversations and networking improve with a bit of lemon drizzle.
  • If you do bake you will be entered into the CommsCamp Star Baker competition. It’s a fiercely fought contest and there’s no surprise in that, the prize is amazing.
  • If you’re not a cake baker, don’t worry, there’s no shame in bringing along a shop bought cake, we appreciate them too. All cake is welcome at the cake table.
  • We also need cake eaters. We ask those that can, to make a donation to charity in return for a slice of yummy cake. This year all money from the cake table will go to MacMillan Cancer Support who offer emotional, physical and financial support to the millions of people, and their families, who are affected by cancer. This is a charity close to our hearts and chosen by our very own Emma Rodgers so please look out for the donation bucket and please give generously. Just think how much you’d pay for a slice in one of those fancy coffee shops and give it to a good cause instead.
  • Since CommsCamp started our lovely attendees have raised over £1,500 for various charities. Proof, if proof were needed, that comms people are kind, generous and massive fans of cake.
  • If you donate for cake, be sure to take a raffle ticket. This will enter you into the end of camp tat raffle, where you will amaze yourself with a sudden desire to win chipped figurines, obscure LPs and jigsaws with pieces missing.
  • As an experienced cake eater, my cake table tips include a visit to the gym the day before to help ease any guilt, wearing baggy or elasticated clothes, and bring the big coins to donate to charity.
  • And remember, scientists have proven that all cake calories consumed during a CommsCamp don’t count. Bonus.

So, happy baking, happy eating, happy CommsCakeNorth. See you with your baked goods at the cake table on October 23.


Kate Bentham or Cake Bentham as Dan Slee once introduced me as.

Official Cake Monitor

(best job in the world.)

Picture credit: cake at commscampnorth, 2018 by Nigel Bishop


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