Why I loved Commscamp 2018


I know, I know. I had hoped to write a really insightful post about some of the thought-provoking, debate-filled sessions at Commscamp but the truth is that as an organiser you sadly don’t always get the chance to go to what you want. So instead I’ve opted for a yippee post that celebrates a few of the best bits for me this year.

190 folk came

Yes you read that right – 190 PEOPLE took a day out to come. It was the biggest Commscamp ever and given it’s the sixth one, we’re pretty darn chuffed about that. Some events come and go but going by this last Commscamp, it still feels like one of most valued and embraced comms dates of the year. Given the positive vibes that poured out of attendees it also looks long set to continue.

Nearly 80 per cent of attendees were new

Nearly 80 per cent of the 190 people at Commscamp were new. That’s what makes the event rocks. Enough regulars who already know how good Commscamp is mixed with a huge number of people who have never been before. It’s an explosive combination of buzz, energy, new ideas, and good stuff shared.

An unconference works

I went to Commscamp pretty tired. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and working long hours. But at Commscamp that all got forgotten. An unconference means you can tailor your day exactly how you want and the law of two feet gives you carte blanche that if one session isn’t floating your boat, you can get up and go to one that is. It’s also a little odd to get your head around but the unconference approach really, really works.

There’s an ice cream van

The fabulous Polly’s Parlour saw Commscampers queuing across the car park. Hardly surprising – the flavours are to die for – and the socialness that came with it was just lovely to watch.And did I mention that the couple who run Polly’s Parlour love Commscamp too?

Doddle therapy

One of the sessions I was lucky enough to lead was doddle therapy. The lovely folk at Touch Design gave us paper and we had sharpies galore and a handful of themes. It was so great to let off steam and really have a chuckle. Who knew that drawing a picture of what gets on your pippin could have such a positive release? And also big up to the attendee who drew the most amazing picture of flies on food. Sounds totally random but it was ace and summed up the type of session that makes Commscamp go with a bang. I was only gutted to not take a picture.

The different parts of the sector that represented

At the beginning of Commscamp, Andy (@pigsonthewing on twitter) asked attendees to say which part of the public sector they were from. It felt like the most diverse Commscamp ever. Housing, health, emergency services, central government, local government, voluntary sector and more. The list went on and on.  I love that. I love that it happened in 2018. More industry comms people are coming not less. I think that’s awesome.

The film and the photos

The film and the photos that are taken at Commscamp are the best. That Nigel Bishop, Steve Davies and Sophie Edwards really are talented people. This year saw Film Cafe produce the first drone video (it was pretty darn cool) and the pictures that captured memories and good times in abundance really do reflect how ace it is. If you haven’t already seen them you need to check out the facebook group to see the best bits of this year.

Commscamp keeps on giving  

Finally I love that Commscamp just keeps on giving – the friendships, the blog posts, the connections, the learning, the laughter, the therapy and the solutions. So it’s pretty darn fab that 10 July is booked already for next year.

Thanks to everyone who came, volunteered, sponsored and who were generally ace. You are what makes Commscamp amazing. Until 2019.

Emma Rodgers
Commscamp co-organiser


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