A Cake Table is just a Table without the Cake


It’s very nearly CommsCamp, back for the 6th year in its homeland of Birmingham.

I think it’s widely known that CommsCamp wouldn’t be CommsCamp without the famous CommsCamp cake table. So, the good news is that the cake table is back.

But, a cake table is just a table without the cake – and that’s where you come in. The cake table only works because of the lovely people who bake cakes and bring them along for others to share. If you can, please bake a cake. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple tray bake or a dozen fairy cakes will be great. If you’re not a baker, don’t worry, shop bought cakes look equally good on a cake table and will be just as welcome. It’s amazing how conversations and connections begin with a bit of lemon drizzle.

If you do bake, you stand a chance of winning the top prize of star baker or one of the three runner up goody bags, so dust off those cookery books.

So, now we’ve got a table covered in cake, we need some lovely people to eat all of the cake, and I know just the group – Comms People.

We ask those that can, to make a donation to charity in return for a slice of yummy cake. All money raised from the cake table will go directly to the CommsCamp chosen charity of the year The Sick Children’s Trust,   who provide free accommodation for families with children on intensive care wards. This charity runs entirely on donations so please look out for the donation bucket on the cake table and give generously. Just think how much you’d pay for a slice in one of those fancy coffee shops, and give it to this amazing cause instead.

Over the years, the money donated for slices of cake has raised over £1,000 for charity, proof if proof were needed, that Comms people are lovely, kind, generous and massive fans of cake.

So, happy baking, happy eating, happy donating, happy CommsCamp. See you with your baked goods at the cake table on the 12th July 2018.

Kate Bentham, AKA Cake Bentham

Official Cake Monitor

(Best job in the world)


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