#stuff4steph and why the commscamp cake table is important


by Kate Bentham

It’s very nearly CommsCamp, which coincidentally is the same day that it’s OK to eat cake for all your main meals and any snacks in between. You’ll like it. It’s like when you get to eat chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning.

I’m lucky to have been Official Cake Monitor of the CommsCamp Cake Table since it started in 2013. For those who don’t know the situation with the cake table it is very simple: bake or buy a cake, eat cake, and chuck some money in the donation bucket for the cake you eat. The money raised goes to charity and you can feel good about all the cake you’ve eaten. Simple.

Over the years, the money donated for slices of cake has raised nearly £1,000, proof if proof were needed, that Comms people are lovely, kind, generous and massive fans of cake.

This year we want the cake table to be extra special. We’re holding this year’s cake table in memory of Steph Clarke, who died suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of last year.  Steph was a good ‘un, she was a thinker and a doer, she made positive things happen for communities and individuals. She once said ‘What do I do? I think, I make a difference, I give a fuck, and I’m really proud of that’.

In memory and tribute to Steph the hashtag #Stuff4Steph was established by Steph’s husband James and their family. #Stuff4Steph is about doing good…

It could be random acts of kindness, community spirited acts of goodness, time giving, volunteering, photographing beauty. Or it could be something as simple as holding a door, or smiling at someone in the street. We think she’d love this.

– James Clarke

Much of the vision of #Stuff4Steph fits with the ethos of CommsCamp, which is why with the backing of James, we want CommsCamp to forever support #Stuff4Steph. Together we will remember how fabulous Steph was, the work she did and the legacy she left behind.

Donations from this year’s cake table will go towards local charities which Steph, James and her family supported, so let’s make this the best year ever, bring your pennies and let’s do #Stuff4Steph.

Kate Bentham, or Cake Bentham as Dan Slee once introduced me as.

Official Cake Monitor

(Best job in the world)

Picture credit: Nigel Bishop / Flickr

One thought on “#stuff4steph and why the commscamp cake table is important”

  1. Fantastic! I think this would have earned Steph’s famous thumbs up pose. Sadly I can’t be there tomrrow (boo hiss) but am happy to chuck in a donation, as I’m sure others would be, if there’s an online way to do so?


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