#commscampnorth BRADFORD 23.10.19

The third annual commscampnorth will be held in Bradford on Wednesday 23.10.19.

The event is open to public sector communications people and we also hold the door open for third sector people, too.

This means the event will be free, not for profit and will be run and organised by volunteers.

But it will be fired with the graft, spice, tea and bright ideas of Bradford and people from across the North. You want Northern Powerhouse? You can have it.

Why Bradford?

This will be the third commscampnorth and as with the others we are rotating it across the region. We’ve been to Manchester and to Sheffield and really, they were just a warm-up for the big one.

I was chatting to Albert Freeman about the requirements for an unconference. A big space with some smaller spaces off them. Tell people about it and then trust the process.

Why Kala Sangam?

Talking to Albert about he need for a city centre venue he had a moment of clarity. The arts centre in a converted Victorian Post Office sorting depot right on the edge of the city centre. So, together with Josephine Graham we looked and were impressed.

Who can come?

We want comms, PR, marketing, digital or frontline people from the public sector – or third sector – who are doers, tryers, makers, experimenters or who know there’s a better way of doing things.

We want people who would like to learn and would like to contribute who can bake a cake and can encourage new ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever been to an unconference before. We leave our job titles at the door and what you think is just as valid as someone who has been doing the job 20 years longer than you have.

Where can I stay?

There’s a few places in the city centre we’d recommend. More here.

How do I get to the venue?

There’ll be a walking train from the two Bradford stations. We also have a couple of short videos to guide you if you will be walking alone from one of the stations, and tips if you’re coming by car. More here.

When do tickets get released?

The tickets were released in three batches and went in a combined total of six minutes. There is a waitlist operating and tickets will be redistributed as they come free. More here.

How can I find out about future events?

There’s a mailing list you can sign-up to. More here.

The event is not-for-profit and powered by volunteers

There’ll be around 20 people on the day donating time, effort, cake and love.

What is an unconference?

There is no agenda.

The agenda gets shaped on the day by attendees which means what people in the room want to talk about actually gets talked about.

This is the 9th unconference for public sector communicators.

This video explains it.

Is there a pre-event social?

There certainly is.

The night before, on Tuesday 22 October, we’ll be in the pub from 5pm and in the curry house from 7pm. Full details here.

Who is behind it all?

There’s a range of volunteers who are part of the wider team and are helping on the day. They include Dan Slee (freelance comms person and commscamp co-founder), Albert Freeman (Bradford Council), Josephine Graham (Bradford Council on secondment to NHS Digital), Bridget Aherne (Keolis Amey Metrolink) and Kate Bentham (Shropshire Council). Big love to Emma Rodgers (Stoke-on-Trent City Council) who is taking a sabbatical this year.

On the day, everyone who turns up makes it.



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