#commscampnorth SHEFFIELD 27.4.18


Oh, happy day. #commscampnorth in 2018 will be held on April 27 at Kelham Island Industrial Museum, Sheffield.

It will be Different Class. It’ll be Heaven 17. Or any number of Sheffield pop references.

Here’s what you need to know about the event that was founded six years ago but comes to Sheffield for the first time in 2018.

Who is it for?

It is for public sector comms people.

How did people get a ticket?

Tickets for commscampnorth were distributed through three ticket releases in February. If you missed out, don’t worry! There is still a chance of getting to the event. Add yourself to the waitlist HERE. There will be 170 tickets released and a fair chance of returns. You’ll be sent an email with 24-hours to grab a ticket.

Is commscampnorth the same as commscamp?

Our sister event commscamp will be in its spiritual home of Birmingham in July and commscampnorth will be in Sheffield. Yes, yes. Let’s have a debate about where the North begins. If you are further north than places name-checked in The KLF’s ‘It’s Grim Up North‘ you are in. Sheffield? 1’37” is in. End of debate. Next.

How does the event work?

It’s an unconference. This means the agenda gets put together on the day by the attendees themselves. This means there’s more chance of attendees having the sessions they want. There will be between 25 and 30 sessions through the day spread across a series of breakout rooms. Each one will last for 45-minutes.

The event is staged through a team of volunteers and the kindness of sponsors. Without them? No event.

How can I propose a session?

That’s easy. On the day, come along with an idea and suggest it. If there’s two or 52 people coming along to your session, it doesn’t really matter. Make them about comms, pr or digital comms. What has worked. What you’d like to crack. Anything. Commscamp emerged with a digital flavour which we keep. But we’re a lot more relaxed, these days. After that, the sky is the limit.

Can I road test a session idea ahead of the event? 

Of course. The Facebook group HERE is the space for that.

Ahead of the event, what do I need to do?

If you’ve got a ticket congrats! There’s a few things. Join the Facebook group. Road test an idea. Join in the discussion. Tell your friends. We’ll also ask people to bake a cake and bring it with them. There’s a baking competition. Follow us on Twitter and use the #commscampnorth hashtag.

What’s with the cake table?

Simple, really. We love cakes. Kate Bentham will run the cake table where people can bring their creations. Attendees can make a contribution for charity for a slice and get a raffle ticket. The money will go towards a good cause and we’ll give away some prizes.

Where is best to stay?

There are a number of hotels in Sheffield City Centre. We don’t have a deal with anyone.  We can recommend the Ibis hotel at 1 Shude Hill, Sheffield. This is where many people will be staying. Aside from that, Premier Inn in Angel Street, Sheffield is recommended. Check the rates via price comparison Trivago would be our best tip.

Will there be a curry and a social the night before commscampnorth?

We will be having some food and high-brow, intellectual conversation  at legendary Sheffield curry house, 7 Spices Balti restaurant. Tables are booked for us at 8 p.m. To reserve a spot go HERE.

Before that we will be in one of Sheffield’s finest public houses, The Shakespeare, a few doors down on West Bar (well, it’s technically at 146 – 148, Gibraltar Street, but why do you need to know? You’ll find it) from about 6 p.m.

How about a breakfast or lunch run on the day?

We’ve got that covered too including a tour of Sheffield. It’ll start at Sheffield railway station at 7.30am and will include breakfast – a brunch. You can get more info and you can sign-up here.

There will also be a lunch run on the day too – an aptly named runch – looking at the fab sites of Sheffield’s famous film locations. You can get more info and you can sign up here.

On the day, baby

How do I find the venue?

Doors open at 9am and we’d love it if people arrived by 9.30am so you can get a cup of coffee and chat with people before the start at 10am start.

Kelham Island Museum in Alma Street is on the edge of Sheffield city centre. The postcode is S3 8RY. It’s about 15 minutes walk from the railway station. You can find more about it here. The building celebrates the city’s industrial past.  There;s a steam engine and everything.

Walking on the day: There will be a walking train from Sheffield station which will leave at 9am. Full details here nearer the time.

Driving on the day: Free visitor parking is located on the main museum site (50 spaces) and the overflow car park located adjacent to Kelham Island Brewery and the Fat Cat pub on Alma Street.

A fun run at lunchtime – or a RUNCH if you will. More here.

Can I be told about commscamp ticket releases?

Yes, there is an email list you can join HERE.

Are we indebted to marvellous sponsors and supporters?

We absolutely are. We doff a cap and raise a glass to these fine people without who this wouldn’t go ahead. Seek them out. They are all good people.


GOLD SPONSOR Council Advertising Network






Do you have a question?

No problem. Email dan@comms2point0.co.uk or tweet @commscamp.

The event is organised by Dan Slee, Emma Rodgers, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Bridget Aherne, KeolisAmey Metrolink, Eddie Coates-Madden Sheffield City Council and Kate Bentham, Shropshire Council.

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